Quality Managemen

The Great Wall color printing was certified by the ISO9001 quality management system in 2006. In 2007, through the ISO14001 environment management system, the system requirements were strictly enforced. Through internal audit, management review and supervision audit, the system was ensured to run fully, effectively and appropriately, and the quality policy, quality objectives and post responsibilities were established by the system, and the quality was established through quality. Planning, quality control, quality assurance and other means to achieve continuous improvement of quality management.

Ideological guarantee
Organizational guarantee
Technical guarantee

Using the ideas, ideas and methods of total quality management to make all staff really set up a strong sense of quality, and change the attention to the quality of the product and the quality of the work, pay attention to the customer's demand and improve the customer satisfaction.

Through the establishment of a sound quality management system, clear quality management responsibilities, improve the quality management process, improve the skills of operators and service personnel, and constantly improve the quality of products and service level.

Equipment for quality inspection and analysis will lay the foundation for technical assurance; take part in the customer's zero defect improvement project, lean production and so on, improve the quality management level, and look for the quality with the help of the opportunity of customer review.

Quality Control

The company carries out the idea of comprehensive, whole process and total staff quality management, and carries out pre control, control and ex post control of quality.

Pre control
Control in the event
Post control

"Product development stage, quality, technology, production and other related departments to analyze and demonstrate, from the design to ensure the reliability, rationality and accessibility of the product process;

Through self inspection and inspection, the product quality can be guaranteed to the maximum.
Make full use of reliable, stable automatic inspection equipment to conduct full inspection of products;

In strict accordance with the finished product inspection plan, sampling inspection is adopted to ensure that the quality of each batch of finished products meets the requirements of customer standards.

In 2018, the company through the SGS certification center expert group on-site process audit, the SGS certification body of the the Great Wall color printing packaging Co., Ltd. quality system certification audit, the Great Wall color printing packaging products design, production and storage quality system meet the requirements of the SGS quality management system standard requirements, and in April 10, 2018 Obtain the certificate of SGS management system certification.

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