The Great Wall color printing is actively preparing for listing

 Huizhou the Great Wall color printing packaging Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: the Great Wall color printing) was established in 1999, and its headquarters is located in three 2102-2103 rooms, Jiangbei Huabao building, Huicheng District, Huizhou. The factory is located in Daxin Industrial Park, Zhongkai hi tech Zone, which is gathered by internationally renowned enterprises. The industrial park address is the Great Wall color printing industrial park in Huizhou Shuikou Licheng industrial area. After more than 20 years of unremitting efforts, the scale of production is growing. The company started leasing a workshop at the beginning of its business and gradually developed into a large packaging printing production base in eastern Guangdong. At present, the the Great Wall color printing is actively preparing for listing, and strive to enter the capital market as early as possible.

The main products of the company include: color box, pit box, toy box, hardcover box, posters, picture book, manual, handbag, hardcover book, label, card, magazine, greeting card and so on. The main service customers of the company are as follows: PHILIPS, KENWOOD, GE, ENERGIZER, AT&T, TESCOM, PANASONIC, SIEMENS, BELTEK, VTECH, ALCATEL, CLIPSAL, ENERGIZER, Illi and so on.

The company introduced the international quality certification system in March 2002. During this period, the whole factory will build a brand new business philosophy with one heart and one mind. In September 2002, we passed the ISO9001:2000 quality demonstration system successfully, and the company set a clear quality standard.

1. thought guarantee: using the idea, viewpoint and method of total quality management to make all staff really set up a strong sense of quality, and change the attention to the quality and quality of the product, pay attention to the customer's demand and improve the customer satisfaction.

2. organizations guarantee: through the establishment of a sound quality management system, clear quality management responsibilities, improve the quality management process, improve the skills of operators and service personnel, and constantly improve the quality of products and service level.

3. technology guarantee: equipment for quality inspection and analysis, such as precision instruments such as crease stiffness instrument, whiteness meter, friction resistance tester, box force tester and other precision instruments, lay the foundation for technical assurance; take part in the customer's zero defect improvement project, lean production and so on, improve the quality management level; with the opportunity of customer audit Looking for quality management deficiencies, through continuous improvement, to meet customer requirements at the same time, and constantly improve product quality and service quality.

The company has a monthly delivery capacity of 6 million to 15 million, with a warehouse and a perfect logistics distribution system in Guangzhou. In Shenzhen, there are more than 20 freight cars and main logistics coverage areas such as Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Huizhou, Dongguan, Zhongshan, Europe and the United States and other countries. The elegant design of the workshop embodies the management idea of the color printing of the Great Wall, and permeates every detail of the whole building in the humanized management mode, which is only due to the attention and persistence of the the Great Wall color printing to the printing industry. In the past more than 20 years, we have resisted all kinds of commercial temptation and consistently focused on high-end packaging printing. Therefore, we always pursue the leading position in the industry.

Our goal is to become the world's leading packaging color printing expert, and now have advanced packaging, pre press, post press and post press equipment. We firmly believe that only when we are dedicated and professional can we provide high value-added products and services to our customers in an efficient and efficient way.

The company's Huizhou production base covers an area of 120 thousand square meters, with a total assets of 200 million yuan and a fixed assets of 50 million. The existing staff of 200 people, including 30 high and mid-level technical personnel.

At present, the company is preparing relevant work before listing according to the securities law and the company law.

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