Talent Concept

"Things in the world, like hard work, can break!" What can be feared in all kinds of bottlenecks and difficulties encountered in work and life? This hiking activity may be seen as crazy in some people's eyes, but "want to be successful, go crazy first". Of course, the "Crazy" here means crazy passion, one of the factors of success is passion, the person without passion is hard to succeed; and the two of the success is Faith, you must firmly believe, If you believe in your abilities and perseverance, if you have doubts, you will never succeed.

The Great Wall's color printing is a team of passion and faith, a united team and an impregnable team.

Recruitment publicity

1 person

Gender Any
Education College degree or above
Claim: 1. art, graphic design and other related majors, college degree or above.
2. more than 1 years of relevant work experience, especially the experience of independent design.
3. familiar with AI, Photoshop, Coreldraw and other design software.
4. love the job, work carefully, and have a strong sense of responsibility
5. good color matching and aesthetic ability
Foreign trade salesman
Number: 1 person
Gender: female
Education: College degree or above

Associate degree or above in international trade, business English or other related majors. 

  1. familiar with foreign trade process; fluent in English listening, speaking, translating and writing; able to communicate with foreign customers and have strong communication skills.

2. operating company pay B2B platform, as far as possible to collect product keywords, use different product keywords to upload new products, reply to guest enquiry daily, follow up guests until the guest order, independent development of customers;

3. more than 1 years of foreign trade customer development and maintenance experience or more than 1 years of foreign trade merchandiser experience;

4. be able to deal with the relevant documents and follow up the production status, and promote the good order.

5. good professional ethics, passion and enthusiasm for sales work, strong enterprising and undefeated spirit, willing to work hard to withstand high pressure work, the ability to open up foreign markets, to undertake and operate orders, love foreign trade work, positive;

6. strong sense of teamwork, pioneering spirit and good team spirit.

Welfare benefits: 1. national statutory holidays enjoy remuneration; 2. base salary + commission; 3. irregular team meetings, annual corporate tours.

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