The May Day commendation

The May Day commendation conference pays tribute to the the Great Wall color printing workers.

Our best things in the world, It's all by labor, Created by the hard - working hands of human beings. Labor, It is a kind of wisdom and happiness that God has bestowed upon mankind. We stretch the tendon, Let the spring wind, Touch the vivid veins of the river, Out of the impoverished marshes, Writing in poetry, The same life as a poem. To all the striving in the front line of the the Great Wall color printing Pay tribute to the labourers!

In May 2nd, Huizhou the Great Wall color printing and packaging Co., Ltd. held a celebration of the May 1 International Labour Day commendation conference. The chairman of the company attended the commendation conference and spoke on behalf of the company to pay tribute and thanks to the staff and staff who worked hard in all positions. Awards and thanks to the team and staff who won the most beautiful team and the most beautiful figure. Color printing in the Great Wall,Maybe their work is "very unremarkable". Never even got into the eyes of everyone. However, it is such a hardworking ordinary worker.
     On the post of the the Great Wall color printing Unheard of the year and year of dedication. It's them. In one's seemingly ordinary life With hard work and sweat Cast the glittering years .The force of silence It's them. The loveliest people in the the Great Wall color printing.

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