Paper packaging market 2018 must "HOT"

     2018 the capacity of packaging paper will increase significantly, exceeding 24 million 400 thousand.
     Packaging paper refers to the general term for a class of paper used for packaging purposes. It is usually of high strength and toughness. Various kinds of packaging paper have different properties and uses. In 2018, the capacity of China's packaging paper will increase significantly. It is estimated that by the end of 2018, the production capacity of the packaging paper will increase by 24 million 400 thousand tons. If we look ahead, the new paper production capacity is likely to be more than 24 million 400 thousand, because the new packaging paper of Hubei alone will reach as much as 15 million 600 thousand tons.

Two big reasons make the packaging paper market so hot

Why is the packaging paper market so hot? After analyzing the reasons, Xiaobian found that the main reason is the increasing demand for paper packaging and the two major reasons for the technical transformation of the industry. On the one hand, in recent years, with the continuous heating up of the electric business industry, the logistics industry has become more and more standardized and developed rapidly. The huge order quantity has promoted the demand for paper packaging. On the other hand, the paper packaging has low price, economical economy, good protection performance, high production flexibility, convenient storage and transportation, easy modeling and decoration. It is a major packaging material in the past, today and in the future. Paper, board and its products account for more than 40% of the total packaging materials, and 50% in some countries.  With the enhancement of environmental awareness and resource awareness, paper packaging has become the new favorite of the packaging market because of its advantages of easy recovery.

Furthermore, with the continuous promotion of the status of China's international paper making industry, the ability of independent research and development and innovation is increasing, and the technological innovation system which combines the design of production, research and research in China has been basically formed, and the paper industry in China has gradually entered the technology dominated type by quantity dominated type. During the "12th Five-Year", domestic independent research and development made a series of international countries. Advanced level of papermaking equipment, the proportion of advanced production capacity increased from 35% to more than 50% during the "11th Five-Year" period; the product quality was greatly improved, a batch of high quality paper and cardboard brand products appeared in the industry; the supply capacity of special paper and packaging paper was enhanced, which alleviated the contradiction between supply and demand for the long-term shortage of domestic paper and cardboard. Development enters a new stage.

Consumption of packaging paper accounts for total consumption of paper and paperboard in 2011-2016 years

Benefiting from the development of policies, e-commerce and logistics, demand for whiteboard, cardboard and corrugated paper has been raised.
Next, let's take a look at the development trend of all kinds of wrapping paper market.
Before 2010, the sales of Coated Whiteboard have maintained a steady increase, but in the aftermath of the effect of increasing capacity overspeed and other factors, the phenomenon of supply is bigger than demand. In 2013, sales decline for the first time. In 2016, under the implementation of a series of national policies, the domestic Coated Whiteboard market has been gradually warming up, benefiting from the growth of the packaging market in China, and the future demand will be further increased.

Comparison of the import and export volume of Coated Whiteboard for 2010-2016 years

Typical electricity suppliers drive domestic box market demand growth

Box board, also known as kraft paper and cattle cardboard, is one of the main kinds of paper for carton paper. China's domestic board and paper market demand is vigorous. In addition to a slight decline in the overall economic impact of the industry in 2013, the overall growth trend is maintained, and the average annual growth rate of consumption in 2007-2016 years is 6.04%. Corrugated cardboard and corrugated cardboard are the main raw materials for corrugated boxes. Corrugated boxes are widely used for express packaging. In recent years, the rapid development of online shopping in China, the two packaging in the process of product transportation has led to an increase in the demand for box board. At present, the mobile shopping market is developing rapidly, and the typical e-commerce enterprises are expanding to the three or four line city and even the rural market, and the demand for the domestic box and paper market is increasing.  In addition, from the comparison of the import and export volume of cardboard and paper, China's net foreign imports in 2010-2016 years remain above 500 thousand tons each year, and this part needs to be developed in the domestic market.

Comparison of China's box board production and consumption in the past 2007-2016 years

Online shopping and logistics development, corrugated paper demand trend is good.

Corrugated paper is also called corrugated paper. It is a material paper made up of corrugated cardboard core. It is mainly used as the corrugated core layer (middle layer) of corrugated cardboard. It plays an important role in the shockproof performance of corrugated cardboard, and can also be used as a package paper for fragile articles. In 2016, the production of corrugated paper in China was 22 million 700 thousand tons, up 2.02%, 22 million 710 thousand tons, 1.93%, 2007-2016 year's average annual growth rate of 6.02%, the average annual growth rate of 5.91%8, the import and export volume kept within 100 thousand tons in recent years, and the balance of supply and demand in the domestic market was better. Similarly, thanks to the rapid development of the number of online shopping and the rapid development of the express industry, the demand for corrugated paper in China has maintained a good development trend.

      In the future, corrugated cartons will still be one of the main transportation packaging containers, which will improve their strength and moisture resistance. The development of multi-functional cartons with anti-corrosion, fresh preservation and moisture protection will be the future development direction. Challenges and opportunities coexist, small and medium-sized enterprises need to keep pace with the times and grasp the market. In the face of such a hot market trend, the packaging paper industry will be able to develop well in the future. However, the packaging paper market still faces some problems. At present, the primary problem facing the packaging paper market may be that the recycling rate of waste paper is not high. Waste paper is the main raw material for the production of paper and cardboard in China, and its importer is the main importer.

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