The Great Wall color printing technology R & D sharing meeting

 In May 16th, the the Great Wall color printing technology R & D center held the once month "new R & D technology" sharing conference.

Sharing theme 1:
   Case sharing of customer product packaging design,   Customer communication, Understand its basic demands, Product price (impact packaging design), Present content of product packaging, The product packaging stage presents the design style information refining, uses the communication, obtains the accurate information quickly. Products for the consumer, The features of the product itself, Inherent packaging of similar products, Packaging style of similar products,Packaging strategy
Display the customer's ideal design package as large as possible. Presentation of specific product information (premise) design effect packaging design. Communicate with customers again to refer to the same kind of products, design multiple styles for the customer reference and select the market, combined with the actual characteristics of the product to determine the final quality design to meet customer needs while the designer should combine the characteristics of the product itself and the market needs to make a reasonable opinion, and finally come to the customer. Make an opinion.

Sharing theme two:
    Three major trends in digital printing, Graphic print, Press on demand, Personalized printing,Sharing theme three: Give a sense of packaging ritual. What is the sense of wrapping ceremonies? The sense of ritual is a kind of ritual process from the beginning of packaging to the end, which makes you feel happy. This is the sense of ritual.Westerners have a great sense of ritual
1. dinner: formal, neat and not too casual.
2. the end of the meal: used knives and forks must be put back on the plate, not on the table napkin.

(The designer modified the box structure on the basis of the original creative box type product, giving the packaging ritual sense.)

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