The Great Wall color printing: a team with passion and faith

   Facing the bright sunshine, with the warmth of the first spring, all the staff of the Huizhou the Great Wall color printing and packaging Co., Ltd. came together to the beautiful red flower lake, the pure land in the city. It is also the "the Great Wall color printing" "training base"! In the past ten years, Huizhou the Great Wall color printing and packaging Co., Ltd. will take time to organize staff to Honghua lake every year. The main purpose is to train the team spirit of the staff and the courage to face the difficulties.
       We were laughing and laughing all the way. With the flowers and flowers, we walked to the starting point of the green road. It was 0 kilometers. After the picture was taken, the journey of eighteen kilometers on foot began. Our team changed the leisurely walk and began to run slowly, because eighteen kilometers was a long run. It was very important to begin to save energy and to get to the end. It was also a growing enterprise that tested endurance, not explosive force.
A lot of tourists ride their bikes around us, and some even give us weird eyes, but we don't care. We still run and walk, enjoy the fresh atmosphere of the mountains and enjoy the beautiful mountains and lakes around us. This is a kind of pleasure. Every mile, there will be a big white sign on the ground to remind the traveler of the number of kilometres that they do now, so we can easily understand how many points we have completed, and encourage ourselves to work harder, and in our work, we also focus on process control and set goals in segments. And one by one to break through, and finally complete the challenges of the whole process.
In the green mountains and green waters, many of our colleagues easily broke through the fourteen kilometers of the grand pass, only the last four kilometers, but this is the most difficult journey, saying that half of the road is more difficult, the more difficult it is, the legs of some female colleagues seem to be unable to bear such a long journey, The feet began to fever, and their legs became sore, but even so, no one asked for a rest. Instead, they helped each other to move forward and trudge towards the target. We all know that at this moment, we are no longer physically supporting us, but creeping up to the end of eighteen kilometers. We will not give up the city people!
      Walk seventeen kilometers, the last mile! We encourage each other, stride forward with heavy legs and unswervingly forward. The last big slope! Together with all our strength, we worked hard to break the eighteen kilometer barrier by relying on our belief to move our already tired legs. The marathon journey was conquered by us!
       The success of this challenge has given us a great deal of touch and a firm belief that "everything in the world, if we work hard, can be broken."  What can be feared in all kinds of bottlenecks and difficulties encountered in work and life? This hiking activity may be thought to be crazy in some people's eyes, but "want to be successful, go crazy first". Of course, the "Crazy" here means crazy passion. One of the factors of success is passion, the person without passion is hard to succeed; and the two of the factors of success is belief, you must believe in it. To believe in his ability and perseverance, if there is a lot of doubt, it will certainly not be successful; the the Great Wall color printing is a team of passion and faith, a united team, an unassailable team.
        Team spirit - has become the core competitiveness of a person and even a business based on today's era. It is believed that the the Great Wall color printing will have a better, more brilliant and more lasting development with the joint efforts of such a team of passion and belief.

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